dr. Arne Leer

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Arne Leer is a postdoctoral researcher at Clinical Psychology. On the 5th of June 2015 he received his PhD degree for his dissertation “Blurring aversive memory: Exploring a novel route to fear reduction” that was written under supervision of prof. dr. Iris M. Engelhard and prof. dr. Marcel A. van den Hout. Arne currently investigates how making eye movements during aversive ideation (like in EMDR therapy) contributes to long-term changes in memory and PTSD symptom severity. He has a broad interest in the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of pathological anxiety and aims to contribute to this field (i.e., he studies the acquisition, extinction, renewal, and generalization of fear). His 3-year postdoc project is supported by a grant from the Netherlands Ministry of Defense (awarded to prof. dr. Iris M. Engelhard).