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Marthe Egberts MSc.

PhD candidate

Marthe Egberts is a PhD candidate at the department of Clinical Psychology and at the Association of Dutch Burn Centres in Beverwijk. Her project is primarily focused on psychological consequences of pediatric burn injury. She uses a prospective approach to examine child and parental posttraumatic stress, child behavioral problems and parental feelings of depression and anxiety. With the use of qualitative interviews, she also investigates the impact of parental presence during child wound dressing procedures. Marthe Egberts is supervised by prof. dr. Rinie Geenen, prof. dr. Peter van der Heijden, dr. Nancy van Loey and dr. Rens van de Schoot. Her research is also conducted in close collaboration with prof. dr. Iris Engelhard and prof. dr. Marcel van den Hout. She is affiliated to the EPP-lab as a guest researcher.