Sophie van Uijen MSc.

PhD candidate

Sophie van Uijen is a PhD candidate at the department of Clinical psychology since September 2012. She studies the role of safety behavior in anxiety disorders. Safety behavior, such as avoidance and escape, is prevented during exposure, as this would interfere with the treatment effectivity. However, research shows that safety behavior can also contribute to therapy, and may be effective in increasing treatment acceptability, thereby decreasing patients’ inclination to drop out. In experimental studies, the underlying mechanism is investigated, and it is studied under which circumstances safety behavior can be utilized in exposure therapy for anxiety disorders. This project is funded by an NWO Research talent scholarship (2011). Sophie van Uijen is a member of the research school Experimental Psychopathology (EPP), and is supervised by Prof. dr. Marcel van den Hout and Prof. dr. Iris Engelhard. Additionally, Sophie was active as a PhD representative in the PhD Network Utrecht (Prout) and in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences PhD council. She worked as a psychologist at Altrecht Academic Anxiety center one day a week.